Man Arrested After Beating Wife And Pouring Gasoline on Baby


Whatever you believe about human nature, we can all agree that there are some truly evil monsters in this world who commit horrific acts that make us all sick to our stomachs.

One such alleged monster lives in Missouri and is named Patrick Howard. Howard, 56, poured gasoline all over his infant grandchild after assaulting his wife, then threatened to light the baby on fire, according to KMOV.

When police arrived at the house, Howard had already fled and police were unable to locate him until the next day. The responding officers were undoubtedly horrified when they responded to the call and found a baby soaked in gasoline.

Reportedly, during the assault Howard also put a gun to his wife’s head. Sounds like a really stand-up guy. KPLR noted, for whatever it’s worth, that one of Howard’s relatives has claimed that Howard’s wife made up all the accusations.

Howard has been charged with “second-degree assault, armed criminal action and endangering the welfare of a child,” KSDK reported. He is being held on a $50,000 “cash only” bond.

It was not immediately clear where the infant’s parents where during this ordeal or why the baby was with its grandparents.

There are almost no words to describe the type of person who could pour gasoline on a little baby and threaten to set the child on fire. That’s evil in one of its purest forms.

Thankfully nothing worse happened to this child. Hopefully he or she is young enough so as never to remember that this horrific incident occurred.

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