Most Of Mainstream Media Refused To Call March For Life Protest “Pro-Life”

Most Of Mainstream Media Refused To Call March For Life Protest Pro-Life

The mainstream media covered the March for Life in a way that revealed how deep their bias runs. The gathering, which has taken place since 1974, is as assembly of pro-life people from all walks of life.

Pro-lifers are clear that they support the lives of mothers and babies, but leave it to the liberal media to spin the event in a way that implied negativity: Most of them referred to the march as an anti-abortion event.

CNN and The New York Times also referred to the march as an anti-abortion one and only used the phrase “pro-life” when they happened to be in quotes — from those who oppose abortion, of course. Even The Associated Press said the march was a “politically ascendant anti-abortion movement.”

Some people noticed the coverage right away.

And others called out CNN for its bias.

It must have pained the liberal media to even cover the event, but to be forced to write the words “pro-life” must simply be too much for them.

This inability to call the movement what it is gets to the heart of the issue, which is the fact that liberals can never admit that abortion is an act of murder.

It’s bad enough that women marching for the rights of women everywhere excluded pro-life women from their march on Washington just a week prior to the March for Life. However, it explains how feminists are not not actually for the rights of all women — just those who agree with them.

Similarly, the mainstream media chooses to report on events that they disagree with using words that connote negativity while promoting their agenda.

It’s underhanded, and it shows just how deep the bias in the the mainstream media runs.

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