Mainstream Media Panic After Mexican Pres. DEFENDS Trump

Mainstream Media Panic After Mexican Pres DEFENDS Trump

Likely as part of their continuous effort to obstruct and smear President Donald Trump at every turn, the mainstream media ran wild this week with reports of a contentious phone call between Trump and Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto.

Based on a snippet of the supposedly official transcript of the Jan. 27 call that was leaked to The Associated Press, it was widely reported that Trump had essentially threatened to send U.S. military troops into Mexico to take care of the “bad hombres” that the Mexican military was “scared” to confront.

If those reports seemed a bit fishy to you, have no fear, because they have now been shown to be yet another falsehood perpetuated by the anti-Trump media, according to Right Scoop.

Indeed, both the White House and Mexican officials have directly contradicted the initial reports of the phone call, noting that it was “lighthearted” and “constructive,” and not at all “confrontational” as the media would have everyone believe.

The Associated Press is now reporting that the Mexican government said the “negative statements” first spread by the AP “did not occur” during the phone call between the two leaders.

Mexican presidential spokesman Eduardo Sanchez stated that the conversation was “respectful,” and that, “It is absolutely false that the president of the United States threatened to send troops to Mexico.”

The Mexican Foreign Ministry told the AP, “The negative statements you refer to did not occur during said telephone call. On the contrary, the tone was constructive.”

That account of the actual tone of the phone call was backed up by none other than Mexican Foreign Minister Luis Videgaray during an appearance on CNN, who said it was a “very constructive” call between two leaders who agree on far more issues than they disagree on.

“It was not a confrontational call,” Videgaray said.

He further made clear that any talk of U.S. troops being sent to Mexico would have been in regard to the two nations cooperating in the battle against criminal drug cartels.

CNN also noted that the partial transcript of the phone call differed from the one initially leaked to the AP, which raises questions not only about who is leaking unauthorized material from the White House, but also the credibility of purportedly credible media outlets like the AP and CNN.

In the end, Videgaray pointed out that media accounts of the phone call were “nothing close to reality,” in essence, more fake news from the same outlets that constantly decry the prevalence of “fake news.”

The media simply can’t find a way to make their wet spaghetti noodle narratives stick against Trump, despite repeated efforts, and that only has them panicking even more than they already have been.

Unless the media come to understand that their power to shape narratives is not as strong as they believed, and begin simply telling the truth and triple-checking their “facts” before publishing, this is going to be a loooooooooong four years full of unsubstantiated reports and a never-ending barrage of fake news.

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