Louis Farrakhan: Trump Is God’s Man To Destroy America


The anti-American, race-baiting leader of the radical Nation of Islam, Louis Farrakhan, recently engaged in an interview with an Iranian journalist on a host of topics, one of which included President-elect Donald Trump and what his election meant for America and the world more broadly.

Sounding at times as if he were praising Trump instead of condemning him, Farrakhan stated that he viewed Trump as “God’s man” to disrupt the status quo in America and to “dismantle” the nation through a great world war, according to Breitbart.

A segment of the interview was posted to Farrakhan’s Facebook page, and it began with him seemingly praising Trump for exposing and bringing about the downfall of the corporate establishment media, which Farrakhan viewed as an enemy of all good revolutionaries around the world.

But he also warned that if Trump were to proceed with “dismantling” the nuclear agreement reached between President Barack Obama and the Islamic Republic of Iran, as he has repeatedly vowed to do, such action would only result in “another war” that would leave the Western world “taken completely down.”

“Now that he is president (the media) don’t known what to do with him because the media as a force for elevation or degradation has now been degraded from the mouth of the man who won the most powerful position politically in the world,” said Farrakhan.”So yes, it’s a new day now, and they have to deal with that reality.”

“Mr. Trump is God’s man to dismantle, to upset and to bring America (down),” he continued. “Though he wants to make her great again, if he dismantles the agreement won by President Barack Obama with President Rouhani and the Iranian government and people, if he dismantles that and puts greater sanctions on Iran, then we’re leading to another war.”

“Another war inspired by Israel, another war that will bring China into war, Russia into war, Europe into war, and the Western world in this war will be taken completely down. And a whole new world is on the horizon,” he added gleefully.

Calling Trump “an instrument” being directed by a power greater than himself, namely Allah and the Mahdi (an Islamic end-times redeemer figure), Farrakhan seemed to rejoice that the end of America and the Western world was near, and that their end would be hastened by the actions of Trump as directed from above.

While we have seen and heard plenty of doom-and-gloom predictions and dire warnings about Trump over the past 18 months, this one is by far the most chilling, as Farrakhan seemed more than happy to watch as Trump destroyed the world, mostly because he himself supported destroying the world as it is.

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Source: conservativetribune.com