Look who’s coaching Trump for his next debate!


Donald Trump has turned to Nigel Farage to help him prepare for his upcoming debate(s) with Hillary Clinton! ibtimes.co.uk reports: Donald Trump has flown in Nigel Farage to coach him ahead of the next round of Presidential debates with Hillary Clinton.

The first clash between the candidates is widely accepted to have been won by Clinton, despite Trump’s assertion that he was holding back because he did not want to embarrass her. Ahead of their next encounter, Republican advisers will be drilling Trump on facts, issues and tactics, while Farage is expected to contribute lessons learned during his Brexit campaigning.

Farage, who quit as Ukip leader shortly after the Brexit referendum, has long been regarded as a skilled orator. In April 2014, he beat Nick Clegg in a televised deabte on Europe and during the run-up to the EU referendum vote, David Cameron refused to debate with him, agreeing only to appear on the same programme.

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