Look What’s Hanging in The US Capital… It’s VILE Beyond All Reason



Image courtesy of Independent Journal Review.

This will surely set your blood boiling. A disturbing piece of filth “art” is hanging in the U.S. Capitol that depicts police officers as pigs wielding guns and Michael Brown, the thug killed in an officer-involved shooting, hanging on a cross.

The garbage is untitled and reportedly supposed to represent the unrest in Ferguson, MO after Brown was shot and killed in 2014. This piece of disturbing revisionist history was chosen as part of the annual Congressional Art Competition and it is displayed in a tunnel that connects the U.S. Capitol and the Longworth House Office Building, according to IJR.

The St. Louis American described the filth:

His winning work is an acrylic painting featuring a downtown street scene with the Gateway Arch displayed in the background and three police officers with animal heads, two with guns in hand, and a large group of marchers moving toward the police […]

The lead marcher carries a sign that says the word “history.” Pulphus’ painting includes several signs, one of which says “Racism Kills,” and another “Stop Killing.” On the right you can see a man being crucified wearing a graduation cap holding the scales of justice in his hands.

The painting is an interpretation of the months of unrest that took place in the region in response to the fatal shooting of unarmed teen Michael Brown Jr. by then-Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson on August 9, 2014.

Interesting that the word “history” is included without the word “revisionist” in front of it, since that’s what this “art” is. No mention is made of the farce known as “hands up don’t shoot.” If the artist wants to talk about what really kills, how about “lies,” since the “unrest” was fomented based on lies perpetuated by the mainstream media. How about a painting that shows the real threat to black communities — other black Americans…

Or how about the other threats such as committing crimes, resisting arrest, not following officer orders, assaulting officers, etc. — all things that are a danger to everyone. This art propagates the myth that there is systemic racism and refuses to acknowledge the truth. If leftists really cared about black lives, they would acknowledge the truth and stop peddling the lies that inflame the violence.

The painting was chosen on behalf of Rep. Lacy Clay (D-MO). Whether or not Clay personally chose the piece is unclear, though he clearly approved of it in a glowing press release:

In his remarks to the overflow crowd of young artists, parents and teachers who gathered at Webster University’s new downtown St. Louis campus in the historic Arcade Building, Congressman Clay said, “Tonight, we are celebrating our sixteenth year of recognizing outstanding young artistic talent.  As you can see from the artwork on display here, the level of talent is truly impressive. Your work is inspiring, and I encourage all of you to continue to develop your creative abilities.”

Clay’s press release claims that the piece by David Pulphus “portrays a colorful landscape of symbolic characters representing social injustice, the tragic events in Ferguson, Missouri and the lingering elements of inequality in modern American society.”

The glowing praise for the despicable piece continued as Clay reportedly said that it was the “most creative expression that I’ve witnessed over the last 16 years” in remarks made on the House floor.

Rep. Dave Reichert (R-WA), a former law enforcement officer, gave a statement to IJR about the “art”:

It is disheartening to see this depiction of law enforcement hanging in the hallway of our nation’s Capitol where officers work everyday to protect our safety and freedoms. Unfortunately, many people of influence have taken part in promoting offensive and inaccurate caricatures of the very people who do the most to protect our families. While I understand in some neighborhoods trust between police and communities has all but deteriorated, we must work on rebuilding these relationships and focus on our shared goals of peace and civility.

A senior Republican congressional aide gave a statement to IJR that surely echoed the anger many feel about the piece displayed in the U.S. Capitol:

That a sitting member of Congress thought it was a good idea to honor the depiction of police officers as pigs — in the U.S. Capitol of all places — is reprehensible. I feel incredibly sad that the officers working nearby have to see this on the wall. These officers protect this congressman, his staff, and his office every day, never knowing if it may be their last. Meanwhile, he’s encouraging teenagers in his district to treat police officers as animals. It’s disgusting, and he should be ashamed. This hate masquerading as art needs to be taken down now.

Law enforcement officers put their lives on the line day in and day out to protect everyone, including those who have figuratively spat in their faces by allowing this piece to be displayed in the Capitol that revises history, grossly disrespects law enforcement, and adds to the racism that further divides us as a nation.


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Source: thefederalistpapers.org

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