Look What Trump Has Planned For Syrian Refugees… It’s Brilliant


President Trump received a lot of criticism from both sides of the aisle regarding his plans to deal with the Muslim immigration crisis. The media seemed confused, with some sites saying that he’s calling for a total ban of Muslim travel to the United States. Others reported it as a “temporary ban” and many said that immigrants and travelers from only certain countries will have to undergo “extreme vetting.”

Well now you don’t have to trust the political pundits and know-it-all talking heads on television, because Trump has decided exactly what he’s going to do to keep America as safe as possible.

According to Wall Street Journal, the President plans to introduce “safe zones” within Syria where fleeing immigrants can stay instead of leaving their homeland and trying to resettle in England or Germany.

A separate order also would lay the groundwork for an escalation of U.S. military involvement in Syria by directing the Pentagon and the State Department to craft a plan to create safe zones for civilians fleeing the conflict there, those familiar with the plans said. Mr. Trump has said such safe zones could serve as an alternative to admitting refugees to the U.S.

News of the actions, which are expected Thursday, was met with distress across the Middle East. They point to a dramatic reshaping of America’s relations in the region by a president just days in office, when the U.S. is engaged on multiple fronts in the fight against the Islamic State terrorist group.

The initial step on the safe-zone proposal represents another policy reversal from the administration of Barack Obama, who long resisted pressure for such an approach from Congress and U.S. allies in the Middle East because he believed it would draw the U.S. too deeply into another war.

Instead of banning refugees from Muslim countries, Trump is actually going to take steps to make their own country safer for them to live in. This will help alleviate pressure from America to admit immigrants, and hopefully remove some of the burden from Western European countries as well.

It’s good to see Trump helping not only America become a better version of herself as a country, but Syria as well. The conflict there is legitimately displacing many people and if we can have a hand in potentially seeing the end of the fighting, it would be a major victory for America, and for humanity.

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Source: thefederalistpapers.org

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