Look At The SICK Thing Tim Kaine Bragged About 11 Years Ago… Hillary Wanted This Buried


During a Virginia gubernatorial debate 11 years ago, then-Lt. Gov. Tim Kaine bragged about having eliminated 5,000 government jobs.

“We did a budget reform in 2004 that saved our state’s AAA bond rating, and invested historic amounts in education and public safety,” he said during that debate, as can be heard on CSPAN.

“What was (the) budget reform about?” he then asked rhetorically. “It was about reducing expenses by $6 billion and the state workforce by 5,000 people.”

Don’t get us wrong — the fact that Kaine cut government jobs to save money was in itself not by any means inherently bad. We’re all for smaller government, less burdensome government regulation, and reducing the number of government employees who create and enforce that regulation.

What was troubling was how the current vice presidential nominee had the audacity to accuse GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump of wanting to fire people.

“On the economy, there’s a fundamental choice for the American electorate,” he said during the 2016 vice presidential debate on Tuesday, according to The Washington Post. “Do you want a ‘you’re hired’ president in Hillary Clinton or do you want a ‘you’re fired’ president in Donald Trump?”

Said the guy who once fired 5,000 people and was (rightfully) proud of having done so.

Trump has not once proposed economic policies that would lead to mass terminations in the private marketplace. Instead the GOP candidate hoped to revitalize the economy by reducing taxes and eliminating burdensome regulations, among other things.

Now compare these proposals to those of Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, who aspired to increase taxes, impose more regulation, implement amnesty and do about 100 other things that would negatively affect businesses both small and large.

Under the leadership of Clinton and Kaine, there would be more layoffs in the private marketplace and thus more pain and suffering.

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