Little Boy’s Christmas Letter To Deceased Father Found In Balloon


In Oxford, Georgia, a little boy released a letter attached to a helium balloon up to Heaven so that his father would be able to read it.

According to WAGA, in Monroe, Georgia, a family of four recovered the letter, which also contained a family photo, in their backyard.

“My husband walked in the door with a tear in his eye and told me to read the note,” Suzanne Edwards said. ‘After I read the note, I just cried!”

The note was both adorable and saddening.

“Dad, I wish you were here so we could have fun together. I wish you a Merry Christmas. I hope you tell God to give me those presents. I hope you are happy in heaven. If you are, OK then tell me. I love you, Alexander,” the note read.

Edwards was touched, and reached out to Alexander, who his mother calls Alejandro, on social media.

“To Alexander, I want you to know that Heaven is a wonderful place, more amazing than you or I can even imagine,” she wrote. “It is a place where there is no pain and no worries. I am certain that your daddy didn’t want to leave you or cause you to feel lonely or sad.

“But in Heaven, he is OK and he is happy,” she said. “He wants you to be happy too! He will always love you and I am sure that you make him proud! Have a Merry Christmas!!”

When Edwards reached out on social media, a parent at Alejandro’s karate class noticed and got in touch with Yudy Ramirez, his mother.

“A parent from Alejandro’s karate class contacted me on Wednesday asking me if I have seen the story going around about my son,” she told WAGA.

Ramirez relayed the message to her son, who reportedly said he was glad his dad is happy.

Edwards then posted an update to Facebook:

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