LISTEN: GOP Insider Reveals Truth About Who’s REALLY Behind Republican Civil War


The media has had a field day this election cycle perpetuating the claim that the Republican Party has been currently embroiled in an all-out civil war that threatened to rip the entire political organization asunder.

While it is true that there is an incredible amount of infighting going on within the GOP, it may not be entirely attributable to Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, as the media would like everyone to believe.

Speaking with host Rusty Humphries on Conservative Tribune sister company USA Radio Network’s “Trending Today USA,” GOP insider Floyd Brown shed some light on the real goings-on inside his own party and pointed out where a substantial portion of the blame for the in-fighting should be placed.

For those who may not be familiar, Brown is a political consultant who has worked with many Republican candidates dating back to the presidency of George H.W. Bush (recall the “Willie Horton” ad that helped defeat Democrat Michael Dukakis) and helped found the Citizens United group. He is now senior political analyst at USA Radio Network.

“It’s a real mess,” Brown said of the current state of the GOP. “It’s an existential crisis going on inside the Republican Party, and I think Mike Huckabee said it best when he called them yesterday ‘bed-wetting Republicans.’”

“These are people that are committed to the donor class,” Brown said of those he viewed as responsible. “They are close to Wall Street, they’re close to the big banks, they’re close to the big insurance companies, they’re close to the big pharmaceutical companies.”

But Brown also noted that all of those big institutions were supporting Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton, meaning the Republican establishment was essentially relying on Clinton supporters to keep themselves in office as part of the status quo.

Brown and Humphries recalled a prediction Brown had made late in 2015 that the GOP establishment would rather destroy their own party than allow Trump to be elected president, something which appears to be playing out at the moment.

“The reason is because Donald Trump is really the reincarnation of the tea party movement,” Brown argued. “Now remember these are the same Republicans that put the tea party movement down with a bullet to the back of the head.”

The two noted that while Trump may not embody exactly what the tea party stood for — that honor falling more with Texas Sen. Ted Cruz — many tea partiers nevertheless supported Trump.

“And the reason they did is because they don’t agree with the values of Donald Trump necessarily, they know he is vulgar, they know he’s a rogue, they know he’s a New Yorker who will flip you off if you get in his way, but that’s OK because they want somebody who will actually fight for them,” Brown explained.

He continued by pointing out that the majority Republicans in Congress had done virtually nothing to stop President Barack Obama or the liberal Democrat agenda, a failure which in and of itself gave rise to someone like Trump becoming acceptable to a majority of GOP voters.

You can listen to the entire interview right here:
Listen to “Did Trump Cause A GOP Civil War?” on Spreaker.

Floyd Brown was spot on: The terrible internecine battle that threatens to rip the Republican Party apart was in fact brought on by the party establishment itself through its failures on behalf of the American people.

Donald Trump certainly has his flaws, but the members in good standing of the GOP establishment are far from perfect themselves, and they have squandered multiple opportunities to oppose the progressive destruction of our nation for years.

What is happening inside the party today could have been avoided if they’d thought a little less about themselves and a little more about the American people.

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