LISTEN: Some Doubt “Clinton Son” Danney Williams, But What Bill Left at His House Is a Game Changer


Danney WIlliams has long purported to be former President Bill Clinton’s son, saying that while he was governor of Arkansas, Clinton had sex several times with his mother, who was a prostitute in Little Rock. The 30-year-old man now has five children, and says he tells them all the time that Bill Clinton is their grandfather.

While this story seems far-fetched, and many doubt Danney’s claims, what Bill Clinton left at his house would seem to indicate that someone is hiding something.

In a radio interview with Conservative Tribune sister company USA Radio’s “Trending Today USA,” Williams was asked by host Rusty Humphries how he knew Bill Clinton was his father.

When asked if he is willing to take a DNA test, he said that’s exactly what he wanted to do. However, he wasn’t concerned because Bill Clinton knows he is Williams’ father, based on what he used to deliver to their house Williams was growing up.

“Several occasions we had cash delivered to my mother’s home, they brought presents that they took from Chelsea,” he said. “He knows he’s my father.”

Williams said that he had known his whole life that his father was Bill. A DNA test supposedly proved that to be false back in 1999, except that Williams claimed that that report was a fraud and that he’d be happy to agree to a test today if Clinton will.

Williams said the report of the 1999 DNA test was published in a tabloid owned by an associate of Bill Clinton’s to discredit Williams because Hillary Clinton was running for the U.S. Senate at the time.

You can listen to an excerpt from the interview here:
Listen to “Danney Williams-Clinton Wants A DNA Test” on Spreaker.

It is interesting that both this claim about Bill Clinton essentially paying “child support” as well as Gennifer Flowers’ bombshell revelation that Clinton allegedly paid for her to have an abortion after getting her pregnant came out at the same time. Two completely different people, two very similar stories.

America will have to decide.

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