Liquor Store Robber Saved by Cops After Nearly Freezing to Death in Snowbank

Liquor Store Robber Saved by Cops After Nearly Freezing to Death in Snowbank

When police go hunting for thieves and robbers, they of course expect them to hide, and the robbers, of course, hope not to get caught.

An alleged robber in South Brunswick, New Jersey, should be thankful the police found him after he hid in a snowbank for 45 minutes and got a severe case of frostbite, WABC reported.

George Pesavage Jr., 47, stole roughly $650 worth of items from a liquor store and then hid in an 8-foot-high snowbank while officers looked for him, according to news reports.

An officer who was driving around the mall happened to notice Pesavage’s head sticking out of the snowbank.

“The man was saved by being arrested,” Chief Raymond Hayducka told the station. “The freezing temperatures had already started to lower his body temperature when officers located him. The officers’ fast response and detailed search resulted in locating the stolen items and saving this man’s life.” noted that Pesavage caused $2,000 worth of damage to the store and stole cigarettes, lighters, alcohol and some lottery tickets.

NBC New York identified the officer who saved Pesavage as Officer Mike Urstadt.

Reportedly, when the man was arrested, he complained that he had just blown his chance to win the lottery. It is unclear if he was actually being serious or was simply delirious after sitting in a snowbank for such a long time.

While Pesavage never admitted that he was glad he was arrested, you would think he would be, considering how close he was to dying from sitting in a snowbank.

Criminals face all kinds of unexpected problems when they’re trying to pull off their crimes, but weather is something they should be prepared for. Maybe next time, a would-be burglar like Pesavage will think twice before robbing a store in the middle of winter.

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