Limbaugh: “Constitutional Crisis” as Judge and Trump Face Off

Constitutional Crisis as Judge and Trump Face Off

Conservative radio show host Rush Limbaugh warned Friday that a Hawaii judge’s unconstitutional block this week of President Donald Trump’s second immigration moratorium could, if allowed to stand, push the United States into a constitutional crisis.

As noted by National Review writer David French, the ruling Wednesday by U.S. District Court Judge Derrick Watson “used the hurt feelings (yes, really) of American residents and the hypothetical economic harm to American states and local institutions to functionally grant constitutional rights to tens of millions of non-Americans living in jihadist, and jihad-dominated, countries.”

To make matters worse, Watson’s ruling was reportedly not based on Trump’s actual executive order, but rather on allegedly offensive remarks the then-GOP presidential nominee made about Muslims on the campaign trail last year — before he even became president.

The idea basically was that Trump speaking negatively about Muslims was enough to prove that his executive order — which did not even mention Muslims — was racist and bigoted.

According to Limbaugh, if this faulty ruling is not eventually overturned by the Supreme Court, it would set up a dangerous precedent wherein any liberal judge could supersede the executive branch’s constitutionally guaranteed powers by citing the most absurd (and illogical) arguments.

“(T)he president, because of the judiciary, will have totally lost constitutional authority to defend the country because of this little ruling in Hawaii that was made possible by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals,” Limbaugh said. “And it’s all about this idiotic notion that a presidential candidate on the campaign trial making statements is the equivalent of an inaugurated president stating policy.”

Now, just imagine if Trump were to one day order that U.S. troops be deployed in the Middle East for some military purpose. What would stop a liberal judge from blocking his order because something he said offended a Muslim at some point? Nothing, and that’s the problem.

Listen to Limbaugh’s full commentary below:

“(T)he judge doesn’t have the right to do what he did!” Limbaugh said. “He doesn’t have the congressional right.”

“He doesn’t have the statutory right to do what he did, because, basically, this judge shut Trump down because, in this judge’s opinion, Trump is a bigot. ‘And anti-Muslim means bigot, and we are not going to allow our president to represent us this way,’ is essentially what this judge was saying.”

See the problem now?

Judge Watson has basically allowed feelings (versus logic and reason) to determine the law. This is crazy, this is asinine and this is, as Limbaugh noted, a precursor to a true constitutional crisis.

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