Limbaugh Announces That We Are On Offense With Trump Being Our Commander In Chief


On the day before the election, the mainstream media talked with barely concealed glee about whether or not the Republican Party still had a viable path forward after presidential nominee Donald Trump was, inevitably, defeated.

In the early morning hours of Nov. 9, as you may have noticed, the tune they were singing was quite a bit different.

After his inauguration, the GOP will control both the executive and legislative branches, and Trump will be set to make appointments to the highest arm of the judicial branch. So perhaps the media should listen to Rush Limbaugh when he notes that when it comes to conservatism in the wake of the election, “We’re on offense.”

Limbaugh made the remark on his Monday show, where he lambasted the media for their sad performance during the campaign.

“The media is just flailing away.  They are impotent, they are irrelevant, and they’re becoming aware of it, and they’re bugged greatly by it,” Limbaugh said.

“So this meme or this narrative is that Trump is inheriting a strong Obama economy is gonna continue,” Limbaugh explained. “It’s going to continue to grow out there as the Drive-Bys (mainstream media figures) try to convince as many people as possible that all of this is the result of Obama.

“And, by the way, the extension of that is, not just Obama, although the effort is to attach to him to it personally because they want to save his reputation, they also want to try to credit liberalism or Democrat Party policies for this and to say that Trump is just accidentally swerving into a gigantically robust economy because of the brilliance of Obama,” he added.

Limbaugh then dropped a truth bomb about why Trump has so much support.

“I think this is one of the reasons why Trump’s supporters love him so much,” Limbaugh said. “We’re tired of getting up every morning and looking at either a person or an idea, something that we hold dear under assault, like marriage, or who can use whatever bathrooms, we’re tired of being on defense, we’re tired having to defend things that shouldn’t need to be defended because they’re under assault.

“Well, Trump is not on defense, folks. We’re on offense with Donald Trump.

“And that’s one of the big invisible unspoken reasons why he has such loyalty is because people who support him are just like a lot of you in this audience, fed up with being on defense and being on a team that never fought back, much less went on offense,” Limbaugh concluded.

For the first time since the Reagan years, conservatives are on offense, and it’s a beautiful thing to see. We can only hope that it keeps up. Please like and share on Facebook and Twitter if you agree.

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