Libs Move to Literally Replace Native Accents With “Migrant-Inclusive” Accents

Libs Move to Literally Replace Native Accents With Migrant-Inclusive Accents

Some have suggested that the progressive devotion to multiculturalism at the expense of native cultures and traditions has gone too far, and the latest news out of Sweden only seems to confirm that idea.

While native Swedes have increasingly found themselves to be victims of crimes such as robbery and sexual assault because of the number of Muslim migrants who have surged into their country over the past few years, they now also find their own language to be under assault by their supposed betters at the liberal think tanks and institutions that seek to govern Swedish society, largely for the same reason.

According to Breitbart, a major effort is underway in Sweden to replace the current modern version of the Swedish language with a “new standard Swedish” that mixes together a variety of dialects and accents from all across the Scandinavian nation.

Developed as part of a collaboration between a state-owned staffing and training company named Lernia and a linguist professor named Mikael Parkvall, the new language is intended to be more inclusive of the many Middle Eastern and North African migrants who refuse or are incapable of learning the native Germanic-derived language that has been around for centuries, with some modifications, dating back to the Viking era.

Swedish media outlet The Local reported that the new version of the language is expected to more closely reflect the way people actually speak in Sweden these days, as it was derived from a carefully selected group of speakers representing the various geographical areas, age, sex, class, education and ethnicity of the country’s current population.

“Standard Swedish has been a norm for how people are supposed to speak when they speak so-called ‘correct Swedish,’ but for us linguists, there is in general nothing which is right or wrong,” Parkvall declared in a new release, according to The Local.

“The new Standard Swedish shows in a slightly absurd way that there is no such thing as correct Swedish, at least not if we want to let people across the whole of Sweden be represented, or want to just let some imaginary ‘ur-Swedish’ be the measure.”

Thus far, the new version of the language has already been adopted by The Scouts and Guides of Sweden and the Stockholm University library. It is hoped that eventually all major businesses and government institutions will adopt the new accented language as well for use on recorded messages and the like.

While multicultural progressives and liberals are no doubt overjoyed at the new language specifically adapted to be inclusive towards non-native Swedes, many actual Swedes are incensed at what they view as an overt attempt to further water down and destroy their long-held culture, according to the U.K. Express.

Many Swedes likened the move to the old Soviet practice of “erasing history” when it didn’t fit their agenda or narrative, the Express reported. Others are simply tired of feeling like their government is “running roughshod” over their particular culture while favoring foreign cultures.

Still others maintained that it should be the non-native immigrants who should be forced to adapt to the new culture they choose to live in, and not the other way around.

While this is being promoted as a mere modernizing of an old European language, it nevertheless bears a striking resemblance to the voices calling out from the American Left not too long ago for a veritable genocide and wiping out of the southern white conservative culture in the U.S., due to things those people’s ancestors may or may not have done more than 150 years ago.

If this catches on in Sweden and other places around Europe, don’t be surprised when progressive leftists in America start trying to do the same thing here. If you speak with a Southern accent, get ready to defend your language and way of life.

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