Libs Left Speechless as World-Famous Model Gives Unexpected Defense for Melania

Libs Left Speechless as World-Famous Model Gives Unexpected Defense for Melania

One of the world’s most famous models called out a reporter for The New York Times in a tweet, saying that an anonymous journalist referred to first lady Melania Trump as a prostitute.

“Sat next to a journalist from the NYT last night who told me “Melania is a hooker,’” wrote Emily Ratajkowski, an American model best known for her appearance in Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” music video.

Ratajkowski continued that “it crucial to call this out for what it is: slut shaming. I don’t care about her nudes or sexual history and no one should.”

The 25-year-old finished with a flourish, too, declaring that “gender specific attacks are disgusting sexist bulls–t.”

The first lady, who is more popular with Americans than the mainstream media reporters want to admit, responded to the tweet, thanking Ratajkowski for standing up for her.

The truth about the attacks on Melania Trump is all the more welcome because it’s coming from an unexpected source. Ratajkowski is hardly a closet Trump supporter. According to Fox News, she supported Bernie Sanders in the 2016 election.

However, she seems to understand something that the liberal establishment doesn’t — namely, their disgraceful double-standard in dealing with the current first lady.

In fact, it’s not just anonymous reporters who are willing to call Melania “a hooker” maliciously, and without offering a shred of proof, and the media doesn’t just do it in private. One blogger was actually willing to repeat that claim in public, which ended with a lawsuit and a settlement against him.

Politico reported that blogger Webster Tarpley had initially reported last year on what he said were rumors that Melania had been a “high-class escort” during her modeling days. He tried to have the case dismissed based on the fact that he was only reporting on rumors, but earlier this month, a judge ruled against him.

“The court finds the plaintiff has stated a claim for defamation,” the Maryland judge ruled. “The court believes most people, when they hear the words ‘high-end escort’ that describes a prostitute. There could be no more defamatory statement than to call a woman a prostitute.”

The Washington Post later reported Tarpley had decided to reach an undisclosed settlement with the first lady and issue an apology.

You don’t get a cookie for finding the double standard here. For all of its embrace of almost anything that could conceivably call itself a movement of the disenfranchised, the left has always discarded its talk of equality and sensitivity when it came to someone with opposing political views.

Melania is far from the first one to find this — vitriol and sexist remarks have been aimed at conservative women for decades, from Nancy Reagan and Phyllis Schlafly to Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann.

How many major network news outlets do you think will be trumpeting Ratajkowski’s tweet on Tuesday morning?

Yet, picture something similar with Michelle Obama and an anonymous Fox News journalist. I don’t need to tell you what it would look like. The outcry. The guessing as to the identity of the culprit. The 1,200-word Jezebel think-pieces.

Sexism, to the media, is merely an act of virtue-signaling, and reporting on it is a means to an end. To liberals, there is no virtue to be signaled by standing up for a conservative woman being maliciously impugned, and no service to their ends by criticizing one of their own.

Let’s put it this way: If — when — the media chooses to ignore this, I will be shocked. I will not, however, be surprised.

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