Libs Horrified as Story About Mosque Shooting Goes Horribly Wrong… They Sourced Radically Fake News Site

Libs Horrified as Story About Mosque Shooting Goes Horribly Wrong They Sourced Radically Fake News Site

The Daily Beast is a left-wing news and commentary website whose editors really ought to slow down and pay more attention while on the job.

Then they might avoid blunders like the one they made Monday morning, hours after the mass shooting at the Islamic Cultural Center of Quebec City in Canada.

As reported by Breitbart, editors at The Daily Beast stumbled upon a tweet claiming that the shooters had been white supremacists.

The problem was that the tweet was 100 percent fake and had in fact been published on a fake Twitter account called “ReutersBrk”:

Fake Reuters Tweet

The editors at The Daily Beast should have caught this — for one thing, “Reuter” should have made them uneasy — but they didn’t. Instead they published a story based on this tweet. Even worse, they sourced it to Reuters, an actual news agency that had no connection whatsoever to this phony account.

Take a look at the outlet’s patently fake news story below:

How pathetic, as well as ironic, since the elitists at The Daily Beast suffer from a superiority complex wherein they think themselves better than their conservative competitors.

Late last year, for instance, the outlet ran a story claiming that “(i)t’s way too easy to dupe the right on the internet.” Take a look:

Moreover, according to The Daily Caller, TDB “is a frequent critic of the ‘fake news’ phenomenon and has published several articles denouncing fabricated stories as a threat to American democracy.”

As Monday’s events demonstrated, however, naive and easily-fooled editors exist over on the left as well. This does not mean that everyone on the left is susceptible to fake news but rather that some editors (on both the left and the right) ought to slow down and pay more attention.

In this particular case, however, the mistakes were made entirely on the left and by more outlets than just The Daily Beast. According to Breitbart, reporters from Yahoo News, VICE News and The Interpreter magazine also fell for the hoax.

A disclaimer has since been added to original piece at The Daily Beast informing readers of the mistake: “This piece originally stated that Reuters reported the names of the assailants. However, the information came from a Reuters parody social-media account. We regret the error and have deleted the information.”

Obviously, mistakes happen. That said, this would be an opportune time for the editors and writers at The Daily Beast to get off their high horse and get on the ball.

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