Libs Furious After Finding Out Trump Expects Women to Behave Professionally in White House

Libs Furious After Finding Out Trump Expects Women to Behave Professionally in White House

The left wants to make sure you know just how much of an irredeemable sexist that President Donald Trump is. In fact, check out the latest sexist thing that he’s done — forcing employees to dress neatly!

The newest example of pseudo-outrage comes from a report from Axios, which said that Trump liked his employees to dress well.

“If you’re going to be a public person for him, whether it’s a lawyer or representing him in meetings, then you need to have a certain look,” a source identified as someone “who worked with Trump” told the website. “That look — at least for any male —  you have to be sharply dressed. Preferably, I would say, solid colors. … You should have a good physical demeanor, good stature, hair well groomed.

“You’re always supposed to wear a tie. If it’s not a Trump tie, you can get away with Brooks Brothers. But I’d suggest Armani.”

(As Axios noted, Trump assistant and chief strategist Stephen Bannon appears to be the exception to the male dress-for-success rule.)

As for women, a source identified as someone “who worked on Trump’s campaign” said Trump liked female employees “to dress like women … Even if you’re in jeans, you need to look neat and orderly.”

Axios also reported that even women doing campaign field work — knocking on doors rather than attending glitzy galas — “felt pressure to wear dresses to impress Trump.”

In the adult work world, employers requiring their employees to dress neatly and professionally doesn’t usually cause much of a stir. However, that didn’t stop the media from going into paroxysms of “virtue-signaling” over what amounts to the opinions of unnamed sources.

The U.K. Telegraph had one of the mildest rants, saying that “the rules for women seem significantly more complicated” than those for men. Yeah, those rules for ties sound awfully uncomplicated compared to looking “neat and orderly.” Apparently, the individual reporting on the Axios story didn’t actually read it, which I thought was usually a prerequisite for these sorts of things.

The internet has responded to this in typical fashion, with the #DressLikeAWoman hashtag, showing women in their jobs’ respective uniforms.

This is all very good, but I think that clerical robes might not go over so well if you’re a presidential adviser and White House security might frown on the fire suits. (Plus, D.C. does get hot in summer.)

But, like all hashtags directed against President Trump, #DressLikeAWoman got a ton of uncritical coverage from the media. The Washington Free Beacon collected some items of outrage from major media outlets around the world:

    • Sydney Morning Herald: “Trump prefers female employees to ‘dress like women,’ because of course he does … The real kicker is that it’s not just the President of the United States who has opinions on how women “should” dress (what a funny sentence that was to write). It’s Barry over in accounts in your office who’s grumbled about “girls” not dressing appropriately in the office. It’s the temping agency that sends you home because you weren’t wearing high heels.” Yes, apparently, Donald Trump is a synecdoche for every sexist bastard you’ve ever met in your life, if you squint hard enough and have an editor who’s desperately short on column inches that day.
    • Irish Examiner: “Donald Trump is certainly a man who makes clear what he likes — and that apparently extends to what women in his employment wear.” Notably missing from the Irish Examiner’s article: Any mention of his more exigent dictums on men’s clothing. Why let the facts get in the way of a good story?
    • Marie Claire U.K.: “Donald Trump just made the mistake of telling women how to dress … He has restricted women’s reproductive rights, cut funding to international organisations (sic) who promote, provide and advise on abortions, and just yesterday it was revealed that he’s planning an executive order to declare pre-marital sex, same-sex marriage and abortion to be wrong.” Yes, he’s going to be signing that pre-marital sex order right after he signs the order banning “mom jeans” and ordering the bombing of Stars Hollow, Connecticut, because that Lorelai Gilmore is just too darn independent and sending the wrong message to women.

This is the kind of absurdity that passes for social media journalism. Wonderful. In other words, these are a few of the publications who have openly gone after the fake scourge of fake news.

If that doesn’t scare you, there isn’t much that will.

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