Libs Freak as Trump Says US Doesn’t Win Wars Anymore, Then 5 Officers Set Them Straight

Libs Freak as Trump Says US Doesnt Win Wars Anymore Then 5 Officers Set Them Straight

President Donald Trump has repeatedly stressed how the United States doesn’t “win” anymore, especially on the field of battle. Despite having the best military in the world, we have suffered many setbacks for years.

Trump’s comments on the United States not winning anymore have encountered some resistance, but Independent Journal Review spoke to five military officers who all agreed that Trump was right to some extent.

U.S. Marine Capt. Jason Gold, retired U.S. Air Force Col. and OSI Special Agent Michael Angley, U.S Army Green Beret Capt. Ben Bateman, U.S. Army Warrant Officer Dan McClinton and U.S. Air Force Col. Buzz Patterson all agreed that Trump’s statement was correct because the political authorities in this country prevent the military from doing its job.

“Any war we lose is a direct result of Washington incompetence and not the fault of the military or its members. I don’t think (Trump) is really that far off here. If we are in a war we should be in it to win it, but I don’t think that’s what’s been going on for the past eight years,” explained Gold.

For far too long, the political powers in Washington have been so concerned about protecting their political futures that they are willing to send our military into battle with one hand tied behind its back just so they themselves can avoid the inconveniences of strong commitment. It’s disgusting, and hopefully Trump will end that practice.

“Similarly, in Iraq the Obama administration was in too much of a hurry to withdraw combat forces and allow the Iraqi government, fledgling as it was, to provide for its own security,” explained Angley.

Trump and many others have directly blamed former President Barack Obama for the rise of the Islamic State terror group. Obama was so eager to draw back the military that he never bothered to realize what a dangerous situation he was creating.

“President Trump’s success in the future defense of our country will lie in his ability to build a strong team of military advisers that have gained phenomenal knowledge over the last three decades,” explained Bateman.

Thankfully, Trump has surrounded himself with smart military advisers who know what America needs to do to start winning again.

“It’s a complex issue that isn’t good for Twitter and sound bites. President Trump has a point, but I doubt that some people are willing to listen to anything he has to say just because of his track record, politics or just stubbornness,” explained McClinton.

Sadly, Democrats have shown so far that no matter what Trump says, they will oppose him simply because they don’t like him. That is partisanship at its absolute worst.

“We don’t win wars anymore, but it’s not due to our military or their heroism. It’s due to the lack of political resolve at home,” Patterson said.

You can’t explain it any better than that.

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