Libs Freak Over “Nuclear Football” Pic, Ignore That Clinton Actually Lost Codes… Perhaps for Months

Libs Freak Over Nuclear Football Pic Ignore That Clinton Actually Lost Codes Perhaps for Months

Absolutely incapable of learning from their mistakes, some liberal mainstream media personalities have again taken to reporting fake news.

Today’s fake news concerns a photo posted to Facebook Saturday by Richard DeAgazio, an ardent supporter of President Donald Trump who, while a guest at the Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Florida, had snapped a photo of the aide tasked with carrying the “nuclear football,” the briefcase that holds the codes used to authorize a nuclear attack.

It was a completely benign photo, but this fact certainly did not prevent some leftist talking heads from freaking out.

Observe the following reaction from Matt Peterson, a contributor for The Atlantic:

He was not alone. Numerous left-wing outlets — The Washington Post, Raw News, Uproxx — all reported on the story in a negative light, acting as if this picture represented a breach of national security protocols.

However, according to retired U.S. Air Force Lt. Col. Buzz Patterson, who served as President Bill Clinton’s senior military aide, neither Peterson nor his peers had anything to worry about.

“I was photographed several times over the years,” he told the Independent Journal Review. “I even included a couple in my first book, ‘Dereliction of Duty.’ It’s not that there is a football that’s sensitive, it’s what’s actually in it that’s the bottom line.”

He continued by directly addressing the leftists who have been kvetching about this picture.

“It’s ludicrous,” he said. “They have absolutely no clue what they are talking about. Anything to bring up impeachment. Hell, Bill Clinton actually lost the nuclear codes and nobody cared.

Read that last line again. Now read the following quote from the memoirs of Army Gen. Hugh Shelton, who served under Clinton as chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, as noted by ABC News:

“At one point during the Clinton administration, the codes were actually missing for months … That’s a big deal — a gargantuan deal.”

That was indeed a big deal, whereas a guest at Mar-a-Lago sharing a picture on Facebook of one of Trump’s aides holding the nuclear football is not. If folks like Matt Peterson would get real and stop holding President Trump to unrealistic standards — which they have been doing since day one — they might finally stop embarrassing themselves.

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