Liberty University to Open Gun Range on Campus


Earlier in the year, Liberty University in Virginia made headlines when it announced that students with concealed handgun permits recognized by the state could keep their weapons in their dorms.

It’s making news again — news that will have liberals up in arms. WSLS reported that the university’s request to build a shooting range was approved by the Campbell County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday night.

The board voted 6-0, with one member abstaining,to approve the planned $3 million state-of-the-art facility on about 500 acres of Liberty-owned property on Camp Hydaway Road.

The facility, which would be able to accommodate any Olympic shooting sport, will be open to students, law enforcement officials and members of the community.

In fact, the range will solve a long-term problem for the Campbell County Sheriff’s Office, which has been unable to build its own range, WDBJ reported.

While neighbors raised some concerns about noise levels and traffic issues, the Virginia Department of Transportation expressed no objections after looking at the plans.

Liberty University Planning Coordinator Brad Butler said the university will work with the VDOT on any concerns.

“We have the same concern for safety up and down those roads,” he said.

“Liberty University has done an amazing job of trying to be a great neighbor. They’ve built things into this plan that will keep the noise down. They’ve built things into this plan to keep people safe. So they’ve done their part,” Eric Zeher, Campbell County supervisor, told WSLS.

The range is expected to be completed by Labor Day, WDBJ reported.

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This idea is a good for everyone because all gun owners should know how to use their weapon, but don’t expect a liberal to agree with that because they’d rather just take our guns away from us and not worry about it.

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