Liberals’ Reaction to OSU Attack Proves Why Trump Was Elected [Cartoon]



Seth Connell reports that Leftists just seem to love jumping to conclusions before all the facts are in.

Whether it’s a police-officer-involved shooting or a terrorist attack, the mantra on the Left always seems to be “it’s a gun problem and you’re a racist.” Or something like that, at least.

Now we must add the terrorist attack at Ohio State University to the long list of tragedies that Leftists are using to demonize the 2nd Amendment and gun owners before the facts are in.

As The Libertarian Republic pointed out, just minutes after the attack, on came the politicizing:

Hold on here. Just wait a second, will you please? Can we let the facts of the situation come in before we start jumping to conclusions about why this happened, and how it could have been prevented?

Of course, Leftists are not the only ones who scour the various channels of the internet. There are at least some of us who have the sense to wait until facts are in before making assessments and drawing conclusions.

The initial report was that the attack was an active shooter situation, but that turned out not to be the case. It started off as a vehicular attack followed by slashing with a butcher’s knife. The only guns used were the ones that the officers fired to take down the assailant and save the lives of those on the campus.

But this seems to be a running trend with the Left: their penchant for projection. When an event happens, or cause is fabricated, problems and solutions that make sense in their minds, but not in reality, will be put forth as truth and anything contrary to those ideas must be shut down.

If you disagree with them, you need to shut up OR ELSE. Especially when the issue is the right to bear arms, you need to shut up if you think that the way to stop bad guys with a gun (or other weapons) is a good guy with a gun (sorry for the cliche, but it’s the truth).

Whether it’s a concealed carry permit holder or a police officer, it’s the person pressing the trigger that makes the difference, not the tool in and of itself. At OSU, this Somali immigrant brought a knife to campus, and ended up being outgunned.

Ohio law does not permit carry on college campuses, unfortunately. That law makes places like the campus of Ohio State a target zone because assailants know that their intended victims will not be able to stop a threat on their lives. Whether it was Aurora, Colorado; Sandy Hook Elementary School; Fort Hood, Texas; or Virginia Tech, each of these places were locations that banned lawful possession of firearms on their premises.

And dozens died because of it.

The only way to limit these casualties and injuries is to have someone on the scene ready to respond at a moment’s notice. Is it a guarantee that every threat will be stopped before anyone is hurt? No, of course not. But it’s the fighting chance that is important.

The right to fight must never be denied. When it is, the right to life is taken by evil men. These lessons must be learned quickly, especially as more Jihadists are brought in under the guise of refugee programs.

Lives depend on it.

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