Liberal Tries To Smear Mike Huckabee… Then Proves He’s The Real Racist


There is a lot of liberal hypocrisy out there these days, much of it involving alleged hate crimes. Liberals love taking any incident they can and turning it into “proof” of how racist America is.

Liberal writer Shaun King is no exception to this rule. King made news a few weeks ago when he wrote an article for the New York Daily News blasting former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee for sharing an article on Facebook that had some incorrect information in it.

The article in question was a Conservative Tribune article that incorrectly identified the religion of two vandals. King used this article as “proof” of how conservatives want to hide the real hate crimes that happen in America. King also tried to use the article to smear Huckabee, implying that he was responsible for covering up racial crimes and ignoring the fact that the incorrect information in the article was only a fraction of what the article was about.

In fact, King has made his entire career talking about supposed hate crimes, many of which have turned out to be nonexistent.

Take for example the recent incident on a Delta Airlines flight involving Adam Saleh, a Muslim YouTube star. King wrote a piece for the New York Daily News describing how Saleh got kicked off the flight allegedly for speaking Arabic while on the phone to his mother and then launched into a diatribe about how racist everything is in America.

There’s only one slight problem: It appears that Saleh wasn’t actually kicked off for speaking to his mother. In fact, it appears that he may have staged the entire thing, according to Bizpac Review.

Several passengers on the plane have come forward to dispute Saleh’s account of the incident. These passengers claimed that Saleh was deliberately causing a scene and that the Delta employees who removed him were acting professionally, the New York Daily News reported.

Can we expect to see a retraction from King? Probably not. After all, that would mean he would have to admit that he took an unsubstantiated claim and used it to promote his racial agenda — precisely the same thing he tried to accuse Huckabee of doing.

The sad reality is that liberals like King just want to use racism to make a name for themselves and advance their own personal agendas.

Yes, racism exists and it is terrible, but people like King aren’t helping anything. All they’re doing is making things worse by spreading lies and hatred.

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