Liberal Teacher Demands Students Who Voted for Trump Stand Up So She Understands The “Danger” She Faces


A community college professor in California went on an insanely offensive rant against President-elect Donald Trump and his supporters in class recently that included an attempt to shame students who supported Trump.

In response, the College Republicans have filed a formal complaint, The Orange County Register reported.

Professor Olga Perez Stable Cox teaches human sexuality at Orange Coast Community College, and during one of her classes a student recorded her rant in which she claimed that Trump’s election “assaulted” Americans, that it was an “act of terrorism” and that “the leaders of the assault are among us,” according to Fox News.

You can see the Facebook post with video from a student who has been threatened by the teachers’ union for taping her tirade here:

The ignorant professor’s actions didn’t stop there, either. She attempted to single out Trump supporters when she called for them to stand up in class. When no one did, she called them “cowards.”

After the College Republicans at the school posted the video to Facebook, the teachers’ union threatened legal action against the student who filmed the professor’s diatribe — once they identified whoever that was, according to Josh Recalde-Martinez, president of the College Republicans.

A formal complaint was lodged against the teacher on behalf of the College Republicans by attorney Shawn Steel, who volunteered to represent the group, according to The Orange County Register.

“She’s using her power as a teacher who gives grades, with a captive audience, to basically scare and shame students,” Steel said. “It’s alarming. It’s scare-mongering. It’s irrational. It’s a rant. And it doesn’t belong in the classroom.”

“The unions are acting like thugs, like bullies themselves,” Steel said, according to KCAL-TV. “Every student knows it. If you stand up to your professor, 90 percent of the time the professor’s going to punish you.”

“Our goal in sharing that video is to protect the students and their rights,” Recalde-Martinez said. “OCC is supposed to be a school of diversity, equity and inclusivity, and her comments do not allow for that.”

This professor’s actions are shameful and a stark example of what our colleges have largely become — liberal indoctrination factories.

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