What Liberal Protesters Look Like With And Without Fossil Fuels [CARTOON]


Flashback from Robert Gehl: in perhaps the stupidest photo-op of the entire campaign, Bernie Sanders stood in front of functioning oil wells and essentially proclaimed them evil.

He was talking about fracking – more on that in a minute – but he railed against all fossil fuels.

He may as well have walked over to the wells and shut them down himself. How many people does that oil field employ? Was he on private property? What did the manager of that facility think of what he was saying?

Anyway, he started to attack fracking – which involves pumping water out of rock formations to get to oil natural gas reserves – saying it was “poisoning our aquifers.”

“We have got to end fracking. It is just not worth the risk to poison our aquifers, at a time when we are seeing the kind of damage we are from climate change and drought,” Sanders told reporters, flanked by oil drilling machinery. “We have to be very concerned in making sure we protect our water supply –and fracking moves us in the wrong direction.”

Blah, blah, blah. What utter nonsense.

As we mentioned a short time ago, an exhaustive study of fracking and groundwater proved that its impact on water supplies is precisely zero.

Liberals and the mainstream media are trying to hide this from you – with the collusion of the school where the study was done. Maybe that’s why he thinks he can say fracking “poisons” our groundwater.

But it’s total horses**t.

With AFP Story by Veronique DUPONT: US-E

Fracking like this actually produces thousands of jobs, saves people money and does NOT pollute groundwater.

Most fracking is to extract natural gas – a cleaner and cheaper alternative to oil.

Sanders is just pandering to the radical environmentalists who don’t want to see our use of any fossil fuels of any kind, for any reason.

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Source: thefederalistpapers.org