Liberal Media Pitches Hissy Fit About Who’s “Heading” Trump’s Security, How He Dealt With Protesters


President-elect Donald Trump is about as far from being the stereotypical “traditional politician” as can be, and his actions on the campaign trail and in shaping his incoming administration have repeatedly proven this.

This has held true even when it comes to Trump’s security, as it was recently reported that he intended to keep by his side the head of his private security team even after being sworn into office, despite having the U.S. Secret Service ready to provide for all of his security needs.

Politico reported that Trump will retain the services of Keith Schiller as part of his security team while in office. Schiller, a retired New York City policeman and Navy veteran, has worked security for Trump since 1999 and became chief of the security team in 2004.

While Schiller has been seen near Trump’s side throughout his campaign and post-election “Thank You” tour, he gained national attention early on when he physically removed Univision reporter Jorge Ramos from a news conference for being disruptive.

Though Schiller has proven himself time and again to be a loyal, no-nonsense protector of Trump, there have been some legitimate concerns raised over his being kept on to provide security while the Secret Service is fully capable of doing so without any supplemental assistance.

“It’s playing with fire,” explained former Secret Service agent Jonathan Wackrow, who worked on President Barack Obama’s detail during the 2012 campaign. He stated that adding private security into the mix with the Secret Service “increases the Service’s liability, it creates greater confusion and it creates greater risk.”

“You never want to commingle a police function with a private security function,” Wackrow added. “If you talk to the guys on the detail and the guys who are running the rallies, that’s been a little bit difficult because it’s so abnormal.”

Indeed, most traditional politicians shed their private security teams once they have been granted Secret Service protection, but again, Trump is not a “traditional politician.”

As for the media, their concerns lie less with proper security protocol and tradition and more with concerns over Schiller’s toughness toward the protesters who caused such disruption at Trump events throughout the campaign.

Politico reported on no fewer than three different lawsuits that have been filed against Schiller and others on Trump’s security detail alleging racial profiling of protesters as well as undue force and over-the-top aggression in removing protesters once they became disruptive. Left unsaid in the reporting was that the protesters’ own actions led to the reactions of the security details that have now resulted in the lawsuits.

That said, according to Mediaite, Trump spokesman Jason Miller seemed to dismiss the news of Schiller being kept on as a member of Trump’s security team when asked about the Politico report from a Wall Street Journal reporter, calling it “complete nonsense.”

It remained to be seen if the Politico story was true or was just more fretting and hand-wringing from the liberal media about virtually everything Trump is doing.

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