Liberal Activist Larry Lessig Admits Failure To Turn Electoral College Against Trump


The Electoral College is holding its vote on Monday and Larry Lessig, the law professor and George Soros-funded progressive activist who launched the Electors Trust to offer free legal services to faithless electors, has admitted defeat.

Lessig’s desperate attempt to get electors to vote against their state’s choice for president was hoping that more than 40 faithless electors would be encouraged by his legal services. We reported on it here.

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In an interview to air on “Aaron Klein Investigative Radio,” Lessig admitted that his efforts have likely failed.

Breitbart reports:

Lessig commented on a claim he made last week that 20 Republican electors are considering voting against Trump.

In the interview, which was recorded on Friday, Lessig cited other activists working to impact the Electoral College vote as claiming that the number of electors thinking about casting ballots for other politicians instead of Trump could be as high as 32 Republicans.

Lessig admitted that unless that number climbs to 40 the effort is doomed to fail:

“But I think that we are not going to see more than a handful who actually vote against Donald Trump unless that number climbs above 40. Because I think there are many people who think it is just not worth it given especially the pretty explicit threats that have been made against the electors who exercise their constitutional prerogative.”

[…] so far only one Republican elector, Chris Suprun, has announced publicly he will vote against Trump.

Lessig seemed to think that exaggerating the number of electors who would likely vote against Trump would encourage more electors to join in. Going from an estimated 32 electors to only one is an embarrassing reveal of how much of a joke Lessig’s “Electors Trust” really was.

As much as he tried to convince electors to misrepresent the people, it seems even Lessig knows electors had none of it and will vote for Trump on Monday.

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