Lib Accuses Teen in Turban of “Cultural Appropriation,” Is Speechless When She Sees What’s Underneath

Lib Accuses Teen in Turban of Cultural Appropriation Is Speechless When She Sees Whats Underneath

Sadly, the seemingly incurable disease that transforms rational young men and women into stark-raving-mad “social justice warriors” has spread to other nations.

As noted by Heat Street, it has spread specifically to Brazil, where a young, white, cancer-stricken woman who had been wearing a turban to cover up her balding scalp was ordered by a black SJW to remove her turban and stop participating in so-called “cultural appropriation.”

In a post published to Facebook on Feb. 4, the teen, Thuaune Cordeiro, explained that she had been at a public venue with her turban on her head when she suddenly noticed the black women around her staring at her.

“Anyways, one of them came over to tell me I shouldn’t use a turban because I’m white,” she wrote. “I took off the turban and said, ‘Are you seeing this bald head — this is called cancer, so I use what I want! Bye.’ I grabbed my turban and walked off, leaving her in shock.”

Well done, Miss Cordeiro.

The fact that she even had to endure such disrespect is truly appalling.

Her original Facebook post may be viewed below, though clearly you must know Portuguese to read it:

The uneducated buffoons who whine about so-called “cultural appropriation” should open a history book and read it sometime.

Here are the facts: Nearly every contemporary custom we take for granted originated with — or was “appropriated” from, as the SJWs would put it —  the ancient Greeks, Egyptians, Sumerians, and on and on. We at Conservative Tribune have yet to see Austrians telling non-Austrians not to eat wieners, but the logic of these SJW types would demand that.

Culture is at its core a transcendent phenomenon that spans geographic and ethnic boundaries across the centuries and even millennia, meaning that this notion that any particular subset of modern people “own” certain cultural styles and fashions is just plain wrong, as well as immensely ignorant.

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