Lesbian Files Lawsuit After She Wasn’t Happy With Sperm Bank … Judge Responds With Brutal Ruling

Lesbian Files Lawsuit After She Wasnt Happy With Sperm Bank Judge Responds With Brutal Ruling

Jennifer Cramblett, like many lesbians, didn’t want a man in her life but still wanted to have a child. So the Uniontown, Ohio, woman went to Midwest Sperm Bank in Illinois.

But the sperm bank made a glaring error that only came to light 9 months later when she gave birth to a beautiful, mixed-race girl. So Cramblett sued the sperm bank, but her case was thrown out of court.

It was Cramblett’s dream to raise a Caucasian child that looked like her and her partner, complete with blonde hair and blue eyes. Although they didn’t need a man to realize this goal, biology dictates that they needed a man’s contribution to the reproductive process.

So Cramblett and her partner went to Midwest Sperm Bank and chose the sperm of a blonde-haired, blue-eyed man.

However, when Cramblett’s daughter, Peyton, was born, she did not have blonde hair or blue eyes. She was obviously of mixed race. The sperm bank had mistakenly used the sperm of a black man. Cramblett proceeded to take the sperm bank to court for “wrongful birth.”

Cramblett stated in her suit that in small-town Ohio she was taught prejudicial attitudes toward minorities and this resulted in her “limited cultural competency” with blacks. She added that she and her partner would have to move to a community more diverse than Uniontown to address Peyton’s needs.

Judge Robert Sutter, however, said that Cramblett could not claim wrongful birth because Peyton was born healthy. The judge informed Cramblett that she could re-file under a negligence claim (H/T Mad World News).

Cramblett has already proven that she isn’t much of a lesbian. Members of the LGBTQ community are continually preaching to others about tolerance and acceptance. But Cramblett can’t even accept her own child.

In addition, she will stigmatize Peyton, who will eventually learn that she wasn’t wanted and labeled a “wrongful birth” by her mother.

Peyton’s birth shouldn’t be an issue, let alone result in a lawsuit. But Cramblett is an intolerant hypocrite. This doesn’t bode well for the quality of her parenting skills.

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