Leftist Calls Bald Man “Skinhead;” INSTANTLY Regrets It

Leftist Calls Bald Man Skinhead INSTANTLY Regrets It

A Leftist activist decided to smear a man and made assumptions about him — as the Left does — based on hateful, bigoted stereotypes.

He called a bald man a “skinhead” because of his appearance and attendance at a “right-wing event,” and was quickly shamed (as much as a Leftist can be) when the man explained that a condition he suffered in the military caused him to lose his hair.

The Washington Free Beacon reported:

The activist was standing outside an event in which Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopoulos was speaking. He was talking with a cameraman and described how a bald man he saw was a “skinhead” because of his appearance and the fact that he was attending a “right-wing event.”

“He’s got skinhead style, he’s in a right-wing event,” the activist said. “I mean, like, if you put two and two together.”

The cameraman then asked the bald man to come over and confirm if he is a neo-Nazi or not. The man then explained that he is bald because of a medical condition he suffered while serving in the military.

“I have alopecia areata. It is a medical condition that I got while serving in the military,” the man said. “I had a backpack on that stops cellphone signals from detonating bombs under our feet. And it either gives you a big white stripe up your head, or it gives you–so I got patches in my head.”

The activist then apologized to the veteran for assuming he was a skinhead. The two then went on to have a polite conversation about health care.

It’s nice that they were able to have a polite conversation, which is a testament to the veteran for being able to do so after being disrespected.

This is a prime illustration of the problem with the Left. Can you imagine if a conservative had made an assumption like this? The liberal mainstream media would have blasted it all over and decried the right for “fomenting hate.”

Well, how many stories like this do we have to see about the Left? How much violence, hate, racism, bigotry, etc. has to be shown by the Left before people wake up to what the ideology represents?

Fortunately, millions of Americans are waking up to the truth, and the Left is terrified of it — which has sent the MSM into overdrive spreading their fake-news propaganda.

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Source: thefederalistpapers.org