Leading Dem Makes HUGE Announcement About DeVos Confirmation

Leading Dem Makes HUGE Announcement About DeVos Confirmation

Democrats are now conceding that their idiotic attempt to thwart the confirmation of Betsy DeVos to Education Secretary will fail.

Senate Democrats have been holding a 36-hour filibuster since Monday to criticize DeVos’ qualifications for the job. There are 52 Republican Senators, but two – Maine’s Susan Collins and Alaska’s Lisa Murkowski – have said they will vote against DeVos. That leaves a 50-50 tie in the Senate. Vice President Mike Pence will be the tie-breaking vote if Democrats can’t get one more Senator to switch.

And that doesn’t seem likely, Connecticut Sen. Chris Murphy said, The Daily Caller is reporting.

“I think at this point it’s unlikely that we’re going to get the 51st vote, but we’re going to try until the last minute,” Murphy told CNN’s “New Day” Tuesday morning.

The vote to confirm DeVos is expected at noon eastern time and the next cabinet nominee will be scheduled for a vote right afterward.

There are many other cabinet members waiting for confirmation – including Steven Mnuchin for treasury secretary, Alabama Republican Sen. Jeff Sessions for attorney general, and Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt for EPA administrator.

Giving president’s wide latitude in picking the people they want to fill the cabinet isn’t done anymore, Senate Historian Donald Ritchie said.

“Up until the ’70s, it was pretty normal to confirm everyone in big batches without a ton of vetting,” Ritchie told The Washington Post. “The conventional wisdom was that a president should get deference to pick his team and that the new administration should be able to start running the government as soon as possible.”

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Source: thefederalistpapers.org