Lawyer for Convenience Store Says Mike Brown Footage Is Deceptively Edited

Lawyer for Convenience Store Says Mike Brown Footage Is Deceptively Edited

The shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri back in 2014 has once again become front-page news around the nation after a so-called “documentary” was released containing footage of Brown that supposedly proved his innocence.

The only problem with the “new” footage is that it was actually selectively edited to try to make it appear that Brown was somehow just an innocent victim in all of this, KTVI reported.

According to Fox News, the store’s attorney, Jay Kanzler, called the movie’s case “100 percent false.”

“The entire story is preposterous and laughable,” said Kanzler. “(The filmmaker) owes an apology to the store owner, the community of Ferguson, and the police officers who put their lives on the line because of his recklessness.”

Tellingly, Kanzler said the convenience store’s surveillance video had been edited by documentary maker Jason Pollock from its original four minutes down to just 30 seconds in an attempt to fool the audience into thinking that Brown was innocent.

And Kanzler should know the story well, since he’s a literal “insider” for the store. According to the New York Daily News, he was actually trapped inside the Ferguson Market & Liquor store on Sunday when it was besieged by protesters for hours after the documentary “Stranger Fruit” premiered at the South By Southwest film festival in Austin, Texas.

You can watch the video in this excerpt from the documentary “Stranger Fruit” here:

St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney Bob McCulloch stated that the full surveillance video from the store showed that Brown never actually traded his marijuana for cigarillos — he left with the same items he came into the store with.

“It’s very clear there was no transaction between Mr. Brown and store employees. The suggestion that he’s coming back to pick up what he bartered for is just stupid!” McCulloch exclaimed.

CNN reported that police reviewed the entire video in the beginning of the Brown investigation in 2014, but determined it wasn’t relevant to the case and therefore didn’t show it to the public.

“There was certainly an attempt to barter for these goods but the store employees had no involvement at all in that,” McCulloch explained. “When he left, they put everything back on the counters where they belonged and went about their business.”

All this Pollock character is doing is trying to make a name for himself by causing more violent protests and riots throughout America by deliberately manipulating the surveillance footage to paint a picture of something that never happened.

Hopefully this entire episode will die down quickly and there won’t be any protests that devolve into riots. That’s the last thing America needs right now.

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