Landmarks Defaced on Presidents Day

Landmarks Defaced on Presidents Day

Some deranged and practically illiterate conspiracy theorist reportedly used a permanent marker to deface the World War II Memorial, the Lincoln Memorial, the D.C. War Memorial and the Washington Monument during Presidents Day weekend with a disturbing series of words that made very little sense.

Similar graffiti also appeared on street signs and utility boxes along the National Mall, according to National Park Service spokesman Mike Litterst, as reported by Washington, D.C., news station WRC.

What remained unknown even by Wednesday was why the perpetrator had defaced the monuments and what exactly he had meant with his graffiti.

Included among his odd statements were these: “Jackie shot JFK;” “blood test is a lie, leukemia, cancer HIV get a second option” and “9/11/01, misty pilots fly planes into WTC 1, 2, P, F.”

What those words meant is anyone’s guess. Because of the similarity of what was written at the various sites and the handwriting style, however, investigators believed that the vandalism was carried out by a single perpetrator.

NPS staff members have since begun using a pressure washer and solvents to remove the graffiti. This combination allows them to safely wash it away without causing any damage to the historical monuments.

“Sometimes it takes multiple cleaning … to get it to come out, but of course, in the course of getting it off … we don’t want to do any further damage to the stone,” Litterst explained.

According to U.S. Park Police officer Sgt. Anna Rose, the vandalism likely occurred Saturday between 9 p.m. and 11 p.m, The Washington Post reported. Moreover, a crowd had reportedly been present at those hours.

Couple this with the fact that investigators have reportedly been working to extract surveillance footage from the area, and it becomes more likely that the perpetrator will eventually be identified and subsequently apprehended.

It would only serve him right, for by defacing these monuments — and on President’s Day, to boot — he essentially delivered a slap in the fact to every American citizen who cares about his or her history and heritage.

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