Labor Sec. Nominee’s Family Received Nooses and Fake Anthrax in Mail

Labor Sec Nominees Family Received Nooses and Fake Anthrax in Mail

Rather than just protest peacefully to express their opposition to the nomination of fast food executive Andy Puzder as secretary of the U.S. Department of Labor, some deranged liberals resorted to methods better suited to terrorists.

During an interview Monday with conservative talk radio show host Hugh Hewitt, the former labor secretary nominee — he dropped out on Feb. 15 — said that he and his wife were subjected to terroristic-like threats after he was nominated two months ago by President Donald Trump.

“There was an envelope left at our house addressed to my wife that had white powder in it, a pink piece of paper with ‘Trump’ written on it, and then obviously the white powder was in a plastic bag, but you open the envelope and a little powder came out,” he said.

“We had an FBI (counter-)terrorist team come to the house,” he added. “We had a couple fire engines with hazmat teams in the neighborhood to pick up this envelope and have it analyzed.”

That was not all, though. According to Puzder, his wife received “a paper doll with a noose around its neck,” his payroll account at CKE Restaurants was hacked by outsiders, and minimum wage activists harassed him at his home in Tennessee.

Fight for $15 sent eight to 10 demonstrators to our front door when my wife and I were sitting here one Saturday afternoon,” he said, referencing the activist group fighting for an increase in the federal minimum wage. “They had a panel van that drove around our area here where we live in Tennessee, with billboards on the side claiming that I was abusive to women.”

Listen to the relevant portion of the interview below:

Though his family was supportive, Puzder eventually decided to step down, leading Trump to nominate someone else for the position.

“All of that, obviously, intended to intimidate my family,” he told Hewitt. “And you know, my wife, at one point, I told her, I actually said, ‘Look, this is too much pressure on everybody. I think I should just withdraw my nomination.’”

This is liberalism in a nutshell: Do as we say, or we will harass, bully and intimidate you and your family. What a loving and tolerant political ideology, eh?

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