Krauthammer Praises Trump’s ‘Statesmanlike’ Speech To Congress

Krauthammer Praises Trumps Statesmanlike Speech To Congress

President Donald Trump received high marks from supporters, along with several detractors, following his speech before a joint session of Congress Tuesday night.

Among those impressed with his performance was columnist Charles Krauthammer, who has previously expressed concerns about Trump’s behavior both on the campaign trail and as president.

Trump’s latest speech, however, was “without a doubt the best speech he ever gave,” Krauthammer said in a Fox News Channel appearance following the event.

He went on to suggest the president should have delivered “a version” of Tuesday night’s speech as his inaugural address.

“It would have actually had an effect on the launch of his presidency and would have vastly reduced the hysteria that has emerged across the country from the left,” Krauthammer said.

Instead, he panned Trump’s first speech as president as “a speech about carnage in America” delivered “in a way that would scare a lot of people.”

He contrasted that performance with Tuesday night’s speech, applauding Trump’s ability to communicate “a version of Trumpism … in a sober way, in a way that was, I think, very deliberately made not to be offensive.”

Krauthammer went on to credit Trump for omitting “attacks on the press” and other feuds that have surfaced in some of his previous public statements.

“What was left was a very statesmanlike speech,” he concluded, “straightforward about what he wants to do, why he wants to do it.”

Even a few outspoken Trump critics expressed similar approval, especially in Trump’s tribute to the widow of Navy SEAL William “Ryan” Owens, who died during a raid in Yemen shortly after Trump took office.

Though it will take more than one speech, Krauthammer advised this type of behavior is the key to a successful Trump administration.

“This is the standard he has now set for himself,” he said. “And as an American, I hope he lives up to it.”

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