Kid Rock Reveals Epic New Clothing Line In Support Of Donald Trump


Proud patriot and legendary musician Kid Rock has managed to trigger every “safe space” liberal across America by putting up for sale a line of clothing celebrating President-elect Donald Trump and his stunning victory over America’s dwindling left.

Available for purchase at Kid Rock’s Warner Brothers Records web store, the shirts and hats for sale included lovely “microaggressive” sayings such as “God Guns & Trump” printed in red, white and blue. (WARNING: Kid Rock being Kid Rock, some of the shirts on display at that website contain graphic language, so shop at your own discretion.)

But the piece of merchandise that drew the most attention was a T-shirt depicting the 2016 electoral map. Instead of labeling the red and blue sections with “Trump” and “Clinton,” however, Rock labeled them with “United States of America” and “Dumbf***istan,” respectively.

Check it out:


Who would possibly disagree with that message? Triggered liberals, of course, who who took to Twitter en masse to slam Rock for being such an “awful” man who allegedly glorifies “hate and ignorance.”

“Why don’t you start selling KKK hoods too?” asked one especially sensitive little cupcake.

What part of “overwhelming demand” did this guy not get? Oh, right … all of it, because liberals don’t understand how capitalism works.

Supporting Trump’s candidacy had nothing whatsoever to do with ignorance, hate or the KKK, of course. But who could expect liberals — who no doubt obtained their news from fake news outlets such as the Clinton News Network — to know that?

As for Kid Rock, it had been known for awhile that he was a staunch supporter of the former GOP presidential candidate.

“I’m digging Trump,” he said during an interview with Rolling Stone at the beginning of the year. “I feel like a lot of people, whether you’re a Democrat or a Republican, feel like if you get Hillary or Bernie, or you get Rubio or Cruz or whoever, there’s going to be the same s***.”

“My feeling: Let the motherf***ing business guy run it like a f***ing business,” he added.

Speaking of which, though Trump has not yet even stepped into office, he has already saved thousands of jobs.

Cue more triggered liberals in three, two, one …

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