Kenyan Woman Names Child After Obama-Slayer Donald J. Trump


President Barack Obama’s presidency is going out with a humiliating bang, but perhaps one of the president’s most embarrassing moments occurred thousands of miles away in Kenya over the summer.

Lorna Akoth and Felix Otiendo announced that they named their newborn baby “Donald Trump” almost three months before the Republican presidential nominee won the election. The couple are now happy that their child was named after a winner.

In an interview with Kenyan publication Nairobi Nation on Thursday, Otieno said the couple came to the decision because they liked Trump’s open mind. They also liked the idea that Trump wasn’t afraid to say what he was thinking.

“He spoke his mind from his deep heart. Most politicians are not sincere like him,” Otieno said.

He added that he admired Trump because he is a man who “says what the thinks and thinks what he says,” adding, “I love people who seek the truth without any fears.”

Akoth said she she was impressed when Trump stood his ground when others criticized him.

Donald Trump Otieno was born on Aug. 9, 2016, at the Jaramogi Odinga Odinga Teaching and Referral Hospital. Otieno said he wasn’t sure if Trump could win the presidency, but he knew the nominee had what it took to be a leader.

“It was not about if he wins or not but his principles as a leader that inspired me to name my son after him,” the baby’s father said.

This isn’t the first baby Otiendo and Akoth have named after famous people. They have two other children, Robert Kelly Otiendo and Prince Charles Otiendo.

Otiendo and Akoth are following a Luos tradition in Africa which includes naming their babies after popular trends and phenomena.

Trump’s campaign was certainly a phenomena that many on the left, including Obama and Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, are still trying to figure out.

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