Kellyanne Conway Says Insulting Tweets Won’t “Unravel” Her

Kellyanne Conway Says Insulting Tweets Wont Unravel Her

Kellyanne Conway, counselor to President Donald Trump, had a message this weekend for the bevy of venomous liberal women who have harassed her on Twitter with demeaning messages about her looks and her work.

“I just want them to know, you’re wasting your breath,” she told Fox News host Judge Jeanine Pirro during an interview on Saturday. “Because there’s no way anyone is going to redefine or unravel me in 140 characters or less.”

“Why do women feel better about themselves by putting someone down?” she asked.

Maybe because some lack self-esteem or because they just lack manners. Regardless, Conway had no intention of allowing these bitter women to affect her confidence or her life, no matter what malicious things they said or did.

“Well, there have been threats to me and my family,” she noted. “It turns out that there are people who have a problem with women in power, and many of them are women, unfortunately.”

She has also reportedly received letters containing white substances at her home.

Watch the full interview below (Conway’s remarks about her female critics start about the 10:30 mark):

This sickening behavior was nothing new for Trump’s counselor. She began receiving death threats as early as December of last year.

“Any time I respond, any time I defend myself against these … allegations that are now leading to death threats … I’m seen as ungracious,” she said during an interview on MSNBC at the time, according to ABC News.

By “allegations,” she meant false media reports claiming that Trump’s campaign had been catering to white supremacists and nationalists.

Speaking on ABC a week ago, Conway said she “didn’t see the point” of the liberal-feminist-driven Women’s March on Washington, The Hill reported.

Given that the types of women who attended the event were the same who keep harassing her over her choice to align herself with President Donald Trump, she clearly has a point. If you are going to march on behalf of women, then do so behalf of all women — not just the ones who think the same as you.

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