Kellyanne Conway Calls Russian Election Interference Conspiracy “Ridiculous”


As you may perhaps have heard, the Russians are the latest scapegoat for Hillary Clinton losing the election to Donald Trump. The bear in the woods has replaced James Comey, white nationalism and fake news as the latest dubious reason why Hillary won’t be our next president.

According to a report in The Washington Post, Obama’s CIA is convinced that Russia interfered in the election — especially through the WikiLeaks hacks — to help Trump win. However, The Hill reports that the FBI, which has also been investigating the hackings, has not concluded that Russia wanted Trump to win.

Trump’s former campaign manager Kellyanne Conway was asked about this on CBS‘ “Face the Nation” Sunday morning, and she had one word for the latest Democrat patsy: “ridiculous.”

“Let’s be fair,” Conway said. “What President-elect Trump said is ridiculous is this idea that it was meant to help him become president of the United States.”

“There is no evidence of that,” she continued. “And if you go back and you listen to Clinton campaign spokespeople on your program and others, if you listen to their private briefings to media and others, they said very little about this.”

The Clinton campaign people, she said, “were talking about how they were going to win the election before Election Day because of the early voting.

“False. They were going to have record turnout. If that were true, [they] would have won, and we did win.”

“So, I think the president-elect’s point is that the conclusions all are making, some are making, here that the interference went to affecting the election results to try to defeat Hillary Clinton, that is what he is calling ridiculous,” she said.

Video below:

Conway is right, this is ridiculous. It’s ridiculous because the Democrats have posited that everything is responsible for Hillary Clinton losing the election aside from Hillary Clinton herself.

First, it was Libertarian Gary Johnson and the Green Party’s Jill Stein. Then, it was the covert racism/misogyny/transphobia/(insert bigotry here) of the American people. When that didn’t go over so well, it became the fake epidemic of “fake news.”

None of these worked, so they went back to an old favorite: those Russkies! It doesn’t seem like this one is going to work either, considering nobody bought it as a distraction from the WikiLeaks document dumps. But, hey — why not give it another shot?

The question I have is, who’s going to be blamed next by the Democrats? The Illuminati? Boris and Natasha? “That’s right, Lester — sources within the Obama administration are reporting tonight that they have reports of a small rotund man and a tall woman allegedly interfering with voting machines in key swing states while muttering, ‘I vill get moose und squirrel’ to themselves. The president is calling on the intelligence community to investigate…”

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H/T The Daily Caller