Kellyanne Bowling Green Misquote Looks Like NOTHING After Dem Makes up Entire War

Kellyanne Bowling Green Misquote Looks Like NOTHING After Dem Makes up Entire War

Kellyanne Conway, counselor to President Donald Trump, came under hot water after referring on Thursday to a “massacre” in Bowling Green, Kentucky, that never occurred.

Her mistake was rooted in some facts about terrorist operations taking place in the city of Bowling Green, but the mainstream media did not let her slip of the tongue go unnoticed, and it was still a trending topic almost a week later.

Ironically, when Democrat Congresswoman Maxine Waters made an equally embarrassing slip-up of even larger proportions, the mainstream media was oddly silent.

The remarks came on Monday during a news conference during which Waters was questioned about earlier statements in which she appeared to want to lead an impeachment of Donald Trump. In her explanation, Waters clarified that she has “not called for an impeachment yet” — not that she has any grounds to, but that was almost beside the point, because her next comments took the ridiculousness to the next level.

Waters fumbled through her very basic knowledge of current political affairs:

“How can a president, who is acting in the manner that he’s acting, whether he’s talking about the travel ban, the way that he’s talking to Muslims, or whether he’s talking about his relationship to Putin, and the Kremlin — and knowing that they have hacked our D-triple-C  — DNC, and knowing that he is responsible for supplying the bombs that killed innocent children and families in, um — in, um — yeah, in Aleppo.”

Later she dropped a bomb, when she insinuated that Vladimir Putin was leading an invasion into Korea. Yes, she said that.

“And the fact that he is wrapping his arms around Putin while Putin is continuing to advance into… Korea,” Waters said. See the video below:

And for reference, the liberal media’s coverage of Kellyanne Conway’s comments on the “Bowling Green Massacre“:

Now for a comparison: The problem here isn’t that both Conway and Waters misspoke, because they both did and it happens to everyone once in a while.

However, that should not give the mainstream media license to condemn one’s comments and completely ignore the other’s. That is what is wrong with liberal media and its bias. It is the reason Americans are flocking to more reliable, new media news sources to get the real story.

At Conservative Tribune, we don’t sugarcoat the truth … but we will point out bias whenever it rears its ugly head.

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