JUST IN: Trump Taps Stephen Miller To Write Inaugural Address


President-elect Donald Trump’s senior policy adviser Stephen Miller has been tapped to prepare his inaugural address — much to the chagrin of liberals.

As reported by Politico, Miller is the same individual who prepared most of Trump’s campaign speeches, including the one he delivered at the Republican National Convention five months ago — which, as a reminder, liberals hated:

Translation: Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Speaking with Politico, aide Jason Miller (no relation to Stephen Miller) made it clear that these ululations had no effect on the president-elect.

“Steve’s a machine,” Miller said of Stephen’s writing capabilities. “I’ve literally seen him knock out three speeches in a day.”

As for the inaugural address, it is expected to cover the main issues Trump covered during the campaign, including but not limited to border security, military preparedness, infrastructure spending and education.

Did Trump make the right choice, though? According the profile The Wall Street Journal provided of Stephen Miller last summer, I would say yes:

Mr. Miller has crafted many of Mr. Trump’s most important policy speeches delivered with a teleprompter, going as far back as the speech Mr. Trump delivered to a pro-Israel group in March …

But it is perhaps Mr. Miller’s own brash, straightforward style—even more than his views on Mr. Trump’s marquee campaign issues—that makes him the ideal envoy of the candidate’s message.

Miller is also extremely anti-PC and reportedly “pushed for a stronger defense against terrorism and better border control in his early columns” for Duke University’s student newspaper, The Chronicle. He graduated from the school in 2007.

Ultimately, Trump and Miller seemingly see eye to eye on both the issues and with regard of how to articulate those issues to the American people.

This therefore makes the policy adviser turned speechwriter the perfect pick to prepare the president-elect’s inaugural speech — as well as his first State of the Union speech, in my opinion.

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Source: thefederalistpapers.org

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