Judge Jeanine Declares WAR On FBI’s Director Comey For Miscarriage Of Justice In Hillary “Investigation”!!


Comey has history with the Clintons who basically own him. This is Washington cronyism to the finest detail. Even if his career ends, he will still be rewarded and make out big time.

This is the right thing to do put under investigation those who miscarriage our justice system.

According to US Herald:

” When it comes to the pathetic efforts of FBI director James Comey’s “investigation” of Hillary Clinton it appears to be more a reality TV show than any attempt to uphold the law and bring justice to Hillary for her crimes.

It appears that the only way Hillary will be prosecuted for her numerous lies and cover-ups relating to her home email server will be if Trump wins the Presidency and comes after her.

Judge Jeanine has been a vocal critic of Comey’s outright refusal to enforce the law and she has relentlessly spoken out against this miscarriage of justice from the start.

From Fox:

Judge Jeanine Pirro said on “Hannity” tonight that she is “disgusted” with FBI Director James Comey for declining to indict Hillary Clinton for her alleged mishandling of classified material.

Comey issued an internal memo Wednesday to employees regarding the FBI’s “commitment to transparency” while also defending the Clinton investigation and hitting back at his critics.

“He has covered this up and gone to such great lengths to protect the woman,” Judge Jeanine said. “I’ve lost all respect for the man. I have. He may be the head of the FBI, but shame on him for what he’s done.”

Judge Jeanine said that Clinton has lied so much over the years that a significant portion of the American public is actually “immune” to it.

“They don’t think it matters anymore, but what they don’t seem to understand is, we can’t have a leader who lies to us continuously for her own benefit, for money and for power.”

Judge J. Pirro As usual nails it! Up until Comeys press conference, I was absolutely convinced he was above reproach, the real deal. Now maybe people will understand why we “must have” TRUMP elected.

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