John Bolton Says Russian Hacking Reports May Be a “False Flag”


In an interview with Fox News’ Eric Shawn on Sunday, former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton said that he’s not entirely convinced that the hackings of the Democrat National Committee that led to the WikiLeaks document dumps were Russian in origin, raising the possibility of a “false flag” scenario.

According to The Hill, Bolton has been floated for a top position in the Trump administration’s State Department. He said he believes the intelligence on the leaks had been “politicized.”

“It is not at all clear to me just viewing this from the outside, that this hacking into the DNC and the RNC computers was not a false flag,” Bolton told Shawn, according to Politico.

He noted that when FBI Director James Comey announced that FBI investigators had found no direct evidence that Russian agents had infiltrated former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s private email server, Comey had added the caveat that a top-level espionage service would be able to cover its tracks to hide a security breach. And yet, the Obama administration is claiming that U.S. intelligence agencies are sure the Russians are behind the DNC hack.

“So the question has to be asked, why did the Russians run their smart intelligence service against Hillary’s server, but their dumb intelligence service against the election?” Bolton said.

Shawn then asked Bolton if he thought that actors in “the [Obama] administration or in the intelligence community” were behind the hacks.

“We just don’t know,” Bolton replied. “But I believe that the intelligence community has been politicized in the Obama administration to a very significant degree.”

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A “false flag” is an operation conducted by a government on itself or another entity that is blamed on a third party — in this case, Russia.

Bolton’s use of the term “false flag” is bound to raise some, well, flags in Washington, especially since NBC News is reporting he’s likely to be named as the deputy secretary of state under President-elect Donald Trump.

However, Bolton does raise a good point about the fact that the intelligence from the WikiLeaks dumps has been politicized to make Trump look as if he’s in bed with the Russians. In fact, it formed most of the specious argument for Jill Stein’s preposterous recounts, which did little but squander the crowdsourced money of credulous baristas from Atlantic to Pacific.

The problem with politicizing intelligence, especially to the extent that the Obama administration and the Democrats have done it, is that it becomes increasingly difficult to believe any of it. We’ve heard the argument about the perfidious Russkies before, and it’s the latest liberal scapegoat in a firmament of baddies who acted in a conspiracy worthy of Oliver Stone to make sure that humble, deserving Hillary Clinton was denied the post that was so rightly hers.

Whatever. I don’t know if it was a “false flag” operation in the strictest sense of the term, although I concede that Bolton is likely more familiar with the particulars of the situation than I am. However, I have seen enough to realize that the breathless neo-Bircher Russian conspiracy theories emanating from the administration and its allies are utter bunk. Please like and share on Facebook and Twitter if you agree.

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