Joe Biden Explains What He Really Meant When He Said Trump Was “Unqualified” For Presidency

Joe Biden Explains What He Really Meant When He Said Trump Was Unqualified For Presidency

Vice President Joe Biden would like for you to understand what he “really meant” when he called President-elect Donald Trump “totally, thoroughly unqualified.”

That sounds pretty straightforward, but since Uncle Joe is always good for a bit of fun, let’s hear him out.

In an appearance yesterday on “The View,” Biden walked back his pre-election comments about Trump in a way sure to offend liberals. Despite a near-constant baiting to bash Trump, he said that he simply meant Trump didn’t have a background in foreign policy, Newsbusters reported.

Biden continued to be diplomatic in his remarks, saying that he hoped much of what Trump has said is “rhetorical,” according to Mediaite.

Not stopping there, Biden explained the real reason behind former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s epic electoral failure, saying that Democrats “never got to the issues” during the campaign.

Gee, ya think?

Biden has been open lately about his concerns over Clinton’s candidacy, her motives and her campaign’s refusal to call on his experience during the election.

Biden has been an increasing voice of reason among Democrats — and that’s something we never thought we’d write — even calling for an “open-minded” approach to Trump’s selection of Jeff Sessions for Attorney General, according to CNN.

“The president gets to choose who he wants or she wants for their cabinet members unless either they are taking over the job with the express purpose of not enforcing the law in that area,” he said. “So within bounds, the president should get the person that they want for that job, as long as they commit, under oath, that they are going to uphold the law.”

Whether you like his politics or not, Joe Biden is widely regarding as a straight shooter who doesn’t always filter his remarks. His equal-opportunity tendency to offend everyone possible is one of the things that endears him to (and sometimes alienates him from) conservatives and liberals alike.

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