Jobless Mom Can’t Imagine Things Can Get Worse, Then 3 Cops Bring Christmas Miracle


Officers of the Phoenix, Arizona, Police Department found itself in a unique situation when they learned about a mom who was having a difficult time.

On Dec. 5, Officers Jason Harris, Brian Peters and Ben Carro wanted to help after they learned that Kirsten May had just lost her job and found herself in a difficult financial situation just before Christmas.

“I lost my job,” May told KPNX. “I lost day care. I was completely at rock bottom.”

The officers contacted fellow officer Manuel Reyes, who works as an off-duty officer at The Home Depot, and the manager of The Home Depot at 36th Street and Thomas Road, to see if the store would donate a tree for the family.

The store had no problem with that idea, and the officers delivered a tree to May and her 4-year-old son, Nicolas.

That’s not all: The officers were also planning to place gifts under the tree so Nicholas will have something to open Christmas morning.

KPNX also reported that Angels on Patrol, a social service organization, will cover May’s rent through the month.

“I definitely didn’t think I would be able to give my son a Christmas. I didn’t think he was going to be able to experience opening the presents under the tree and waiting for Santa to come,” May told KOAA.

May said she found a job Tuesday, so she’ll be able to get back on her feet soon.

Watch coverage below.

These officers went above and beyond the call of duty by helping May get a Christmas tree. They didn’t have to help, but by doing so, they proved that just a little bit of help can change lives.

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