Jim Webb Claims Media and DC Insiders Are Trying to “Personally Discredit” Trump

Jim Webb Claims Media and DC Insiders Are Trying to Personally Discredit Trump

Jim Webb, the former Virginia senator who briefly ran for the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination before dropping out, said on Sunday’s “Meet the Press” that his party was involved in a move to “personally discredit” President Trump.

Webb, a Marine Corps veteran who was a rare Democrat centrist, also said that his party “has been shaped toward identity politics” and that “they’ve lost the key part of their base.”

The remarks began when host Chuck Todd asked Webb about a January column Webb wrote in the Wall Street Journal that said that “by virtue of Mr. Trump’s electoral base and genuine status as a political outsider,” Trump had a unique opportunity dilute the power of the Washington elite and “reset the national discussion, as well as government policies, on race.”

“I’ve been saying for a long time that the system that we’re operating under needs some sort of a, you would call it, jolt. You know, I think both parties have sort of gotten calcified,” Webb told Todd. “There’s a lot of Republicans that are mad at him who are sitting out there in the think tanks thinking that they were going to come into a Republican administration.”

He then talked about how the Democrats were trying to undermine Trump.

“There is a campaign going on on the Hill, in the media, in the academia to personally discredit not only Donald Trump but the people who are around him,” Webb said.

“The end result of this really is try and to slow down the process, by the way. You and I were talking a minute ago about the confirmation process, it’s slow it down so that by ’18 when the Democrats are very vulnerable — particularly in the Senate — there will not be a record of accomplishment that they can run against.”

Webb added that his party had deeper issues

“And at the same time, the Democratic Party over the past five or six years has moved very far to the left,” Webb said. “You know, when you can’t have a Jefferson/Jackson dinner which was the primary, you know, celebratory event of the Democratic Party for years, because Jefferson and Jackson were slaveholders, they were also great Americans in their day, something just different has happened to the Democratic Party.”

“You think that they’re too focused on identity politics?” Todd asked.

“Well, I think that the message that has been shaped by the Democratic Party has been shaped toward identity politics,” Webb said. “And they’ve lost the key part of their base, the people in — you know, my family history goes back to the Roosevelt Democrats, the people who believed that, regardless of any of these identity segments, you need to have a voice in (the) corridors of power for those who have no voice. And we’ve lost that with the Democratic Party.”

All we have to say is: Duh.

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