Jerry Falwell Jr. Takes Massive Stand For Trump: “I Believe He’s a Good Man”


Jerry Falwell Jr., president of Liberty University, came to GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump’s defense Friday, stating on Fox News that he still trusted in the billionaire’s character, despite several accusations of sexual impropriety that have been lodged against him.

“I believe Donald J. Trump,” he said to host Bret Baier.

“I believe he’s a good man,” he added. “I believe that when he’s denied all these allegations … he’s telling the truth.”

“I think he’s a different person than he was 11 years ago … and I’ve gotten to know him over the years,” he continued. “I think he has been changed my his children, by his grandchildren and by all the American people — the interaction with the voters this last year.”

Regarding the newly made accusations against the GOP candidate, Falwell complained about the “coincidental” nature of them suddenly popping up “at the same time.”

“It has the appearance of being orchestrated by the Democrats,” he maintained. “The timing is just too convenient. they could have told these stories months ago, years ago.”

Listen to him below:

The Liberty University president had a valid point about the timing. Some liberals have tried to compare Trump to former President Bill Clinton and disgraced actor Bill Cosby, but the difference lay in the timing of the accusations.

The accusations against Clinton and Bill were made decades ago, whereas those against Trump all surfaced practically out of the blue only a month away from the presidential election, calling into question their credibility.

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