James Woods Sums Up in 1 EPIC Tweet What Trump’s Going to Do to “Weasel” Eric Holder


James Woods, Hollywood actor and outspoken conservative, has a knack for putting liberals in their place on social media, and a recent announcement about Eric Holder’s next venture was no different.

California legislators announced on Jan. 4 that the former attorney general had been asked to advise the state’s lawmakers on potential conflicts with President-elect Donald Trump, according to Fox News.

CAUTION: Some of the following tweets contain strong language.

Woods, true to form, didn’t hold back in expressing his feelings about the decision, calling Holder a “little weasel” in a tweet about the situation and musing about the possibility of a Trump-versus-Holder incident.

“#Holder hired to help California fight Trump // Watching #Trump set this little weasel on his ass should be fun …” Woods tweeted in response to the Fox News article about the new partnership.

Holder has a less-than-stellar history in going up against strong Republican leaders, which reached its pinnacle in 2012 when Congress voted to hold him in contempt for not turning over documents on the Fast and Furious “gun-walking” scandal.

The former attorney general will likely be advising California lawmakers on issues including fighting Trump on anti-illegal immigration measures as well as inevitable conflicts regarding the Affordable Care Act and health care coverage, the Los Angeles Times reported.

However, Woods wasn’t the only one who thought the decision to hire Holder was ill-advised, as social media users expressed their agreement with the actor on his label of the former attorney general, as well as Holder’s chances in going up against Trump. “Weasel is a good name for Eric Holder. Trump will chew him up and spit him out,” one Twitter user commented.

Another Twitter user suggested that it wasn’t really a big surprise that California would hire someone like Holder to handle legal matters.

“California (and) corruption go together …” she wrote.

One thing is for sure — watching Trump make Holder even more irrelevant than he already is will be entertaining, at the very least.

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