Ivanka Trump’s Perfume Has Record Sales After Trump-Haters Boycott Her Brand

Ivanka Trumps Perfume Has Record Sales After Trump-Haters Boycott Her Brand

Over the past few weeks, several stores across America have announced that they will no longer be carrying Ivanka Trump’s products, claiming that they aren’t selling well, when in reality the stores are simply caving to a bunch of liberal crybabies.

While these stores, such as Nordstrom, have surrendered, other stores haven’t, and they are reaping the rewards. Amazon.com still carries Trump products, and as a result her perfume is now Amazon’s number one best-selling beauty product, The Daily Caller reported.

This is quite shocking, as Amazon has bowed to political pressure before, such as when the “everything store” pulled all Confederate flag products from the website in response to the outcry over it.

Ivanka’s bump to number one translates to a lot of revenue for Amazon. If retailers aren’t going to carry Trump products, consumers will simply spend their money elsewhere and retailers like Nordstrom will lose a lucrative revenue stream.

For a time, another Ivanka product, a “roller ball” scent applicator, was the number two best-selling product, but as of Monday morning it was no longer in second place.

People magazine noted that many of the recent comments under Trump’s perfume are political. The comments range from gripers claiming the perfume smells like “fake news” to consumers saying they bought the products to show their support for Trump.

CNN noted that Amazon updates its popularity rankings hourly, so the demand for the perfume has been so great that it has been in the number one spot since Friday — quite a feat.

While liberals may think that screaming in the streets and getting a few stores to stop selling Trump products is a victory, clearly there are thousands of Americans who will do their shopping elsewhere to support Trump in this time — even if it does cost them extra in terms of shipping and handling.

Other stores thinking of boycotting Trump’s fashion line would do well to look at what is happening.

They should think in terms of revenue and not in terms of politics.

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Source: conservativetribune.com