Ivanka Trump May In Fact Be Trump’s First Lady For The First Year Of Presidency


For the past month, much of the media’s attention has been focused on who President-elect Donald Trump has picked (or will pick) to fill the various Cabinet positions, as well as the thousands of other jobs that must be filled before or shortly after Trump is sworn in on Jan. 20.

While those developments have been interesting to watch, perhaps more interesting has been the role that Trump’s family was becoming prepared to set to play.

For example, some recent rumors seemed to indicate that Melania Trump may have less of a role in Trump’s administration that his daughter Ivanka, The New York Times reported.

Trump’s daughter was reportedly distancing herself from the Trump business empire, as well as her own company, in a sign that she was perhaps preparing to have a more defined role in Trump’s administration.

Under normal circumstances, Trump’s wife as first lady would play a small role in politics, but Melania Trump has stated that she wants to remain in New York City for a little while so their son, Barron, can finish school — which could open the door for Ivanka.

CNN reported that it was believed that Ivanka and her husband, Jared Kushner, have been house-hunting in Washington, D.C., yet another sign that Ivanka wants to serve in the Trump administration in some capacity.

All of this is simply speculation at this point, but we may know more when Trump holds a news conference this week to discuss how he will disentangle himself from his businesses.

Under current law, Ivanka cannot take on a formal role in the administration, but she can still advise her father — as she has been doing throughout the campaign and the transition period.

Ivanka has been present for several high-level meetings between her father and other important politicians. Politico reported that on Monday she met with climate change advocate Al Gore.

Should these rumors prove true, it would not necessarily be the first time a presidential daughter has served as first lady, according to Heat Street. Presidents Thomas Jefferson and Harry Truman both had daughters who acted in that capacity, at least part-time.

Having Ivanka advise a President Trump certainly wouldn’t be a bad thing, even though she has previously stated that she doesn’t want to get involved in politics.

Trump’s daughter is smart and has helped him make some smart decisions along the campaign trail, and that would undoubtedly extent to whatever role she could take on in the Trump administration.

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